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Basically any sport can be played by someone who is blind or visually impaired, this happens through certain adaptations. Typical adaptations are using balls with bells in them as well as different sounds to help direct athletes or the help of a guide (guides are mainly used in Athletics). Athletes who are blind or visually impaired do have options to train and compete at notional and international levels an example being the Paralympics. 

Blind or visually impaired athletes who choose to undertake this ambitious lifestyle are eligible to receive funding through different government programs such as the Athlete Assistant Plan (federal) or Quest for Gold (Ontario). These programs are designed to assist high performance athletes achieve their goals and reach the podium at international competitions. 

If you are not looking to become a world champion and just want to take part in sport to live a healthier lifestyle then OBSA governs several sports in Ontario for the blind and visually impaired. We welcome people of all abilities and work hard to provide everyone with the best possible experience. These sports as well as information about them and how to get involved are listed below.