About Us

Incorporated  in  1984,  Ontario  Blind  Sports  Association  (OBSA)  is  a  Provincial  Sport  Organization  (PSO)  that  plans,  promotes,  coordinates,  and  sanctions  events  and  activities  designed  to  assist  the  development  of  sports  programs  for  blind/visually  impaired  athletes  in  Ontario.  We  provide  a  platform  for  the  exchange  of  expertise  and  resources  relating  to  sport  for  athletes,  coaches,  officials,  and  constituents  of  the  blind  sport  community  which  includes  a  vast  professional  network,  partnerships,  and  media  and  public  awareness  campaigns.  OBSA  also  continues  to  increase  opportunities  for  inclusion  of  its  members  into  able-bodied  sport  programs,  providing  sport  leaders  with  resources  and  support  to  expand  inclusive  sport  programming  and  providing  individuals  with  opportunities  for  skill  development  as  well  as  the  drive  and  confidence  to  succeed  in  sport.


Mission Statement

To grow blind sports across Ontario through the provision of quality programs, camps, competitions and other sport opportunities.

Vision Statement

To provide the best provincial sport delivery system for people who are blind/visually impaired from playground to podium.


The Ontario Blind Sports Association (OBSA) believes in the positive impact sports provides and works to ensure those living with a visual impairment can realize these benefits through: Respect, Integrity, and Fair Play.


For more information about our role and policies as a PSO, please visit: http://www.mtc.gov.on.ca/en/sport/sport/pso.shtml