I noticed that the Ontario Blind Sports Association is located in Toronto. Does this mean that all your programs take place in the city of Toronto?

Although the Ontario Blind Sports Association is located in Toronto we facilitate sports programs throughout the entire province. A big part of our mission is to create opportunities within communities across the province. If there does not seem to be any programs that fit your needs in your area, we can help educate your community and develop your area as part of the OBSA network.

Do I have to be a certain age to be eligible to participate in sports through the Ontario Blind Sports Association?

Although some programs such as the Summer Sports Camp are age-specific, we work with athletes of ALL ages. Whether you are an older adult, young adult or child with or without a sports background OR visual impairment, we can find opportunities for you.

I am a coach and it is my first time working with an athlete who is blind. Can the Ontario Blind Sports Association help me?

Of course! In this situation, we will connect you with one of our sports advisors in the specific sport you are asking about. There may also be an opportunity for us to send a coach or volunteer to your club, school or community to help you learn how to best adapt certain activities for the athlete.

I am not blind...can I still be a member?

Yes! Yes! Yes! We are here to support anyone interested in blind/visually impaired sports. Whether you want to coach, referee, volunteer, or just participate you can feel free to Get Involved!