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Ontario Blind Sports Association (OBSA) is dedicated to creating opportunities for the blind/visually impaired to enjoy the lifelong benefits of sport. We plan, promote, coordinate, and sanction events and activities designed to stimulate the development of programs for athletes in Ontario who are blind/visually impaired. OBSA was incorporated in 1984.

As a provincial sport organization (PSO), the Association selects coaches, athletes, and support personnel to represent the Province of Ontario in competitions all over the country. Our programs are crafted to support the ongoing development of elite athletes (High Performance Training Camp), as well as to provide recreational opportunities for the blind/visually impaired (Summer Sports CampOBSA Sports Day). OBSA is dedicated to athlete development and raising awareness about the unique benefits of participation in blind sport. As such, our programs are also designed to provide opportunity for all people to become engaged (Outreach). 

OBSA continues to increase opportunities for inclusion of its members in able-bodied sport programs, providing individuals with the resources and support that develop the skill, drive, and confidence needed to succeed in sport.


Mailing Address:

Ontario Blind Sports Association

101-100 Sunrise Ave 

Toronto, ON M4A 1B3

(T): (416) 855-0972 

Email: randa@blindsports.on.ca


For more information about our role as a PSO, please visit: http://www.mtc.gov.on.ca/en/sport/sport/pso.shtml