To donate to us, please use the link below. Your donation will be made through the True Sport Foundation and will go towards their Ontario Blind Sports Campaign. This foundation is a charitable organization and will issue a tax receipt for your donation(s) in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. Tax receipts are mailed on a monthly basis following a donation.


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Major Gifts Program 

Our new Major Gifts Program allows you to choose specifically how you want your donation to be used. This is a great way to support our athletes and programs to ensure they get the resources they need to compete at the highest levels.

Support Ontario Blind Sport by donating to a specific program:

  Sponsor an Athlete ($400)

Aspiring athletes living with a visual impairment face many barriers in their capacity to support themselves. Your donation to sponsor an OBSA athlete will provide them with the proper equipment, uniforms, and other out-of-pocket expenses for training and competition. This is a direct donation to sponsor 1 individual to pursue excellence in Goalball, Athletics, or Powerlifting. Athlete biographies are issued upon request to the sponsoring parties.

  Send a Child to Summer Sports Camp ($250)

Provide a child with an immersive Summer Sports Camp experience! Donations will help children living with vision loss experience the joy of sports and physical activity, covering a week’s costs of accommodation, meals and activities led by certified coaches. At Sports Camp, kids are kids; help us deliver this mantra through a direct donation to this highly celebrated program!

Purchase a full Goalball Uniform: Jersey, Pants, Eyeshades ($175)

Provide a full sports uniform for Ontario’s aspiring Goalball athletes to be used in competition. This bundle includes a jersey, protective gear and regulation eyeshades.

  Send an Aspiring Athlete to High Performance Camp ($150)

Help an athlete reach the next level by supporting them to attend OBSA High Performance Camps. Your donation will help cover all of the training expenses for 1 athlete as they work with certified coaches and sports science professionals to prepare for seasonal provincial and national competitions.

    Donate towards a Goalball Competition ($100)

Goalball is our specialty and we aim to provide the best sport experience for Ontario’s Goalball athletes. Your donation will directly support the operations of a competition to ensure a quality experience for our competitors.

  Buy Eyeshades for an Athlete ($65)

High quality sport means high quality equipment. Goalball program participants need specialized eyeshades for protection and to ensure a level playing field. Your donation will help provide an athlete with this required piece of equipment to play.

   Provide an Aspiring Athlete with Training Opportunities ($50)

Help an aspiring athlete discover their athletic potential by funding them to participate in sports programming in Ontario. Your donation will feed into grassroots programming to help transform a young sport participant into a principled athlete.