To donate to us, please use the link below. Your donation will be made through the True Sport Foundation and will go towards their Ontario Blind Sports Campaign. This foundation is a charitable organization and will issue a tax receipt for your donation(s) in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. Tax receipts are mailed on a monthly basis following a donation.

Donate to the Ontario Blind Sports Association


Major Gifts Program 

Our new Major Gifts Program allows you to choose specifically how you want your donation to be used. This is a great way to support our athletes and programs to ensure they get the resources they need to compete at the highest levels.

Support OBSA by donating to a specific program:


Sponsor an Athlete ($400)

A donation to sponsor an OBSA athlete will provide proper equipment, uniforms, and other out-of-pocket expenses for the athlete in training and competition. You will help ease the financial burdens of our athletes and allow them to focus on athletic development.


Send a Child to Summer Sports Camp ($250)

Provide the opportunity for a child to attend our annual Summer Sports Camp and help them experience the joy of sports and physical activities. Your donation will cover a week’s costs of accommodation, meals, snacks, and activities led by professional coaches.


Purchase a full Goalball Uniform: Jersey, Pants, Eyeshades ($175)

Provide a full Goalball uniform for our dedicated Goalball athletes to be used in competition. Your donation will provide an athlete with a brand new uniform that includes a jersey, pants, and regulation eyeshades.


Send an Elite Athlete to High Performance Camp ($150)

Help an athlete reach the next level by supporting their funding to attend High Performance Camp. Your donation will help cover the training expenses for our athletes as they train with certified coaches to compete at the provincial and national levels.


Donate towards a Goalball Competition ($100)

Goalball is our specialty. We are the governing body for all Goalball competitions in Ontario and we aim to provide the best experiences for the athletes competing in our competitions. Your donation will ensure we are able to provide the best equipment, officials, event staff, and overall experience for our competitors.


Buy an Eyeshade for an Athlete ($65)

Many blind sports require athletes to wear proper eyeshades specifically designed for sports. From track to goalball, your donation will help provide an athlete the proper eyeshade to allow them to train and compete for future competitions.


Provide an Aspiring Athlete with Training Opportunities ($50)

Help an aspiring athlete discover their athletic potential by providing them funding to attend sports programming. This will allow them to cover out-of-pocket expenses to help them focus on training and performance.