Gord Hope Award

The Gord Hope Award is awarded once per year to one individual and is presented at the OBSA Hall of Fame Gala.

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About the Legend Himself

Mr. Gord Hope was a pioneer of blind sports in Canada and is remembered as a superb athlete and influential person who truly lived life to its fullest. He pushed himself to best all of life’s challenges, and this was always evident in his results in sport. Aside from Gord working tirelessly toward his personal bests, he was always focused on helping others succeed. Gord always led by example and through his resoluteness opened many doors for blind and visually impaired athletes. His legacy is the personification of sportsmanship, inclusivity, and perseverance in sport.

The Award

The Gord Hope Award is awarded once a year to one individual and is to be presented at the OBSA Hall of Fame Gala. The individual being awarded this honor will possess the following attributes:

  • Gord Hope Award-BannerDedication to his/her chosen sport
  • Dedication to his/her training
  • Demonstrate great sportsmanship on and off the field of play
  • A positive role model to those around them
  • Perseverance through adversity brought on by a personal challenge
  • Download the Nomination Form – Gord Hope Award
  • To submit a nomination for the Gord Hope Award, download and complete the Gord Hope nomination form below and email it to randa@blindsports.on.ca.

Want to nominate one individual for both the Hall of Fame and Gord Hope Award? Instead of filling out two forms, just fill out one and indicate on it that you are nominating for both.

Recipients  of the Gord Hope Award:

2022 – Brice Parker

2021 – Chantal Simard

2020 – NA

2019 – Arvin Carandang

2018 – Rhonda-Marie Parke

2017 – Jason Dunkerley

2016 – Robert Hampson