HOF Policies

Please review the Policies and Procedures associated with our Hall of Fame (below). If you have any questions concerning the Hall of Fame, please contact our office.

Hall of Fame and Gord Hope Award Nomination Policy

Ontario Blind Sports Association
Hall of Fame and Gord Hope Award Nomination Policy

  1. The following terms have these meanings in this Code:
    1. “Association” – Ontario Blind Sports Association
  1.  Ontario Blind Sports Association (OBSA) strives to honour exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to the Association with induction into the OBSA Hall of Fame.
    1. The purpose of the following policy is to outline the processes, guidelines, and criteria for nominating individuals for the OBSA Hall of Fame and the Gord Hope Award.
    2. Selection Committee – Once nominations are submitted to the Association, nominations are put under review by the selection committee. Should a member of the selection committee be nominated for the Hall of Fame or Gord Hope Award, the following action will take place:
      1. The nominated committee member will sit out of the nomination review while the remaining members will deliberate on that individual’s nomination.
    3. Selection Process – Both members and non-members of the Ontario Blind Sports Association community will nominate exceptional individuals based on the nomination criteria. Selection Committee members are eligible to nominate individuals.
      1. Based on the decision-making criteria, committee members will unanimously decide on a predetermined number of individuals to receive entry into the Association’s Hall of Fame. The Committee will also decide on one recipient for the Gord Hope Award. Decisions for all inductees and award recipients must be unanimous.
    4. Nomination Process – In order to submit a successful nomination, the following steps must be taken in the submission:
      1. Complete nomination form with each field filled to the best of the submitters ability
      2. Nomination form has been emailed successfully to Ontario Blind Sports Association
      3. Submissions that do not meet the above requirement may not be considered
    5. Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria – Hall of Fame nominations must meet the following criteria:
      1. Notable achievement either directly to Ontario Blind Sports Association or to blind sports as a whole
      2. Exemplary values and strong personal characteristics
      3. A drive to succeed even in the face of adversity
      4. A commitment to improving sport for all blind and visually impaired athletes
    6. Gord Hope Award Nomination Criteria – Gord Hope nominations must me the following criteria:
      1. Dedication to his/her chosen sport
      2. Dedication to his/her training
      3. Demonstrate great sportsmanship on and off the field of play
      4. A positive role-model to those around them
      5. Perseverance through personal challenge/adversity
    7. Awards – Successful nominees will receive a Hall of Fame lapel pin, an OBSA Hall of Fame certificate, and will be honoured at the Association’s Hall of Fame Gala.
      1. Recipients will have their photo and biography available in the Hall of Fame section of the Ontario Blind Sports Association website (updated yearly).