Equipment Loaning

At OBSA, we understand how important having the right equipment is to finding success and staying safe, whether it be with a one-off event or an ongoing program. We also know that the right equipment can be expensive and buying it may not always be the best or most affordable option. That’s why we have created our equipment loaning programs – to allow the opportunity for anyone to rent out OBSA’s specialized sport equipment. Please note that equipment is limited and goes on a first come first serve basis. Members of our organization may rent our equipment at a discounted rate and, in many cases, gain access to our equipment for free.

Available Equipment: Goalballs, Goalball Pants, Eyeshades, Tandem Bikes, Roller Skis. Download our Equipment Lending Agreement (pdf)

Pricing: based on length of use.

Please Contact Us for any and all inquiries.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the Equipment Loaning program, please contact our office!

Phone: (416) 855-0972

Items Available for Loaning

  • Goalballs
  • Goalball pants
  • Goalball Eyeshades
  • Tandem Bikes
  • Roller Skis
  • Soccer Balls
  • SkiErg