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What is Sports Day?

OBSA Sports Day is a grassroots sport initiative made possible in cooperation with Ontario school boards, local sports clubs, and other partner organizations. This initiative provides groups of visually impaired students the opportunity to make new friends, try new things and, most importantly, have fun – all while being introduced to the world of sports! In order to provide the best experience possible for students, OBSA brings in expert coaches and Paralympic athletes to help with the introduction and instruction of various sports with the aim of getting all participants excited about structured play. OBSA Sports Day is all about the students and showing them what is possible through the power of sport!

What’s the importance of having a sports day? It’s more than just a day of games – it’s a rallying call to empower children with visual impairments and help them explore their limitless potential. Come witness the awe-inspiring world of adaptive sports like Goalball, Blind Soccer, Blind Tennis, and Blind Athletics. These games, tailor-made for our special athletes, provide an exhilarating outlet for physical activity and foster a spirit of camaraderie, resilience, and determination. At OBSA, we are committed to fostering a world where visual impairments don’t overshadow the dreams of young sports enthusiasts. We strive to illuminate their path, and, in this event, you’ll see exactly how we do that.

Be a part of our journey, lend your support, and let’s together create a community that sees beyond visual impairments.

For more information on our Sports Day program, please contact the OBSA office at (416) 434-9797 or email richard@blindsports.on.ca