Outreach Programs

The OBSA Outreach program is designed to raise awareness about the unique benefits that comes with participation in blind sport. As part of our outreach initiatives, we visit groups across Ontario to educate students, professionals, and community members on the development of blind sport, how to become involved, and how to adapt sports for the visually impaired. The program instructs on a person-to-person level the general adaptations that are possible in sport, specifically those used in Athletics and Goalball, though other sports are addressed upon request. We demonstrate different ways to include participants who are blind or visually impaired and emphasize the importance of doing so by having the group experience what it is like through their participation in a barrage of activities blindfolded.


A goal that we have in visiting your community is to help expand the sport of Goalball in Ontario. Through the Outreach Program, we are able to offer hands-on programming, individualized instruction, different types of resources and ongoing consultation afterwards. Cities that have successfully started up their own Goalball leagues are Toronto, Sudbury, Kitchener, London, Brantford, Kingston and Ottawa, due in large part to our Outreach program.

If you are a sport-conscious group leader who would like to know what our Outreach program can do for you, please Contact Us.