Any sport can be played by someone who is blind or visually impaired – it just takes a little ingenuity! Many sport-specific adaptations can be made to include those living with a disability. Typical adaptations in blind sport include audible equipment (ex. beeping, bells, buzzers) and other sound-based directives, support personnel (ex. designated ‘spotters’ or ‘guides’), equipment alterations, and more.

Under OBSA, blind and visually impaired athletes have the same opportunity to train and compete at national and international levels as their able-bodied counterparts, the very best of which share the Olympic dream as they work their way onto the Paralympic podium!

We welcome all abilities and vision acuities into our programming and work hard to provide everyone with the best possible sport experience. If you wish to play, we hope you will consider joining us! To learn more about our sports, visit the “sports” drop-down menu or click the links below.







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