5-a-Side Soccer Banner

5-a-side soccer (a.k.a. “blind soccer”) is an adapted version of ‘the beautiful game’ that is played at the Paralympic level by blind athletes. The rules of 5-a-side are similar to the rules in able-bodied soccer save a few distinct modifications: the ball makes noise when it moves; all players aside from the goalkeeper wears eye shades; the goalkeeper is fully sighted and also acts as a guide for players in his defensive zone; and, as the name entails, the sport is played with 5 players per team.

OBSA has a number of Blind Soccer programs. In many cases, these programs are possible through partnership with soccer clubs and associations, such as the Pickering Soccer Club who incorporates Pan Am Games legacy equipment like the kick-boards used in the Games into the program.

For more info on 5-a-side-soccer please visit https://www.paralympic.org/football-5-side. For opportunities to participate in 5-a-side, please contact us at the office!