Visually impaired athletes compete in most track events (ex. 100m to the Marathon) and in most field events (ex. Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, High Jump, Long Jump and Pentathlon). Athletics is a very popular program and meets are held regularly across the province. These local and regional competitions are the building blocks to gaining recognition as an athlete and later success in Provincial Games and National Championships. Athletics is one of the main events at the Paralympics.

Providing opportunities to have fun, participate and compete.

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Interested in Athletics?

You can get involved in Athletics through a local Track and Field or Athletics club. To find a club close to you, visit the Athletics Ontario website and check out their club list:

In all sports, support personnel are key. In Athletics for the blind and visually impaired, guide running is an integral part of an athlete‚Äôs success and we are always looking for new guides to help support our athletes. If you are interested in becoming a guide runner, please contact us with any questions.