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OBSA Summer Sports Camp

5 days

During the 5 days and 4 nights, campers participate in numerous sports and games led by trained counsellors, coaches, and sometimes even Paralympic athletes! Sports include swimming, wrestling, tandem-cycling, goalball, judo, track and field, powerlifting, bowling, and soccer. Campers are carefully instructed in each sport to help properly develop their skills and enjoy every activity to its fullest.

Although sports are the primary focus of the camp, campers participate in other activities as well. There is free time given to the campers to socialize and play in a very supportive environment and social events are organized like camp fires and outings!

All campers will sleep in dorm rooms and will have all meals and snacks provided. There will be staff with the campers at all times as well as a nurse on site for the duration of the camp.

Registration fee: $275 e-transfer randa@blindsports.on.ca

To be a part of the OBSA Summer Sports Camp, call us at (416) 880-8984 or email Randa at randa@blindsports.on.ca