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10th Hall of Fame Gala 2023

Best Western Brentford

In the heart of Ontario, where passion meets purpose, the Ontario Blind Sports Association (OBSA) has been a beacon of hope and an embodiment of the transformative power of sports. Believing fervently in the invaluable lessons and resilience that sports impart, OBSA has dedicated itself to ensuring that those with visual impairments are not only spectators but active participants, reaping the myriad benefits sports offer. Through a decade of unwavering commitment, OBSA has pioneered quality programs, enriching camps, thrilling competitions, and countless sporting opportunities for our visually impaired community.

In perfect harmony with this noble mission, ten years ago, the OBSA Hall of Fame Gala was birthed – a night designed to honor the indomitable spirits who have made remarkable strides in blind sports in Ontario. Now, on this significant milestone, the 10th Annual OBSA Hall of Fame Gala is upon us. And as the curtain rises on this momentous evening, the energy promises to be electrifying, making it one of the grandest celebrations in OBSA's storied history.

As the night unfolds, hearts will be touched and spirits uplifted. Join us in an evening resplendent with joy, nostalgia, and gratitude as we celebrate the illustrious journeys of past and present OBSA Hall of Fame inductees. Their tales of triumph, resilience, and sheer determination will be an inspiration to all and a testament to the transformative power of sport.