OBSA Sports Day

What is Sports Day?

OBSA Sports Day at a School

OBSA Sports Day is a grassroots sport initiative made possible in cooperation with Ontario school boards, local sports clubs, and other partner organizations. This initiative provides groups of visually impaired students the opportunity to make new friends, try new things and, most importantly, have fun – all while being introduced to the world of sports! In order to provide the best experience possible for students, OBSA brings in expert coaches and Paralympic athletes to help with the introduction and instruction of various sports with the aim of getting all participants excited about structured play. OBSA Sports Day is all about the students and showing them what is possible through the power of sport!

This program takes a comprehensive approach to sport delivery with the goal of building future generations of blind and visually impaired athletes. As with all of our programming, an OBSA Sports Day is very much a hands-on experience. We encourage all participants to do their best no matter what their ability level as they are guided through stationed activities in a full-day event. If you are looking for a fun, challenging and unforgettable sport experience led by experienced sport personnel, you have found the program that is right for you.

For more information on our Sports Day program, please contact the OBSA office at (416) 426-7244 or email richard@blindsports.on.ca.

**This initiative is made possible through financial contributions from the Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport**

Testimonials From Participants

Sports DayStudent, Grade 1 – My favourite sport was soccer.  It was a 10/10 day.  I kicked with my left and right foot.”

Student, Grade 3 – “We got to roll the goalball and we even got to play defence.  And it was amazing to play goalball.”

Student, Grade 6 – “Village I made a variety of new friends too.  They were a variety of ages and had a variety of eye conditions.  I even met a variety of adults, such as teachers and volunteers.  I even took a picture with a Paralympian – Jason Dunkerley.  It was the best day of my life!

Student, Grade 7 – “When I go again, I want to do all the sports like basketball, volleyball, and tennis.  I would like to play my favourite sport with my new friends.”

Student, Grade 8 – “I got to make some new friends and also got to play sports like goalball.  I played some sports like soccer and showed off my skills in track and field events.  I recommend this trip to anyone because it’s a great experience, you get to meet new friends“.

Student, Grade 12 – “I had a great time and I learned so many interesting things.  I got to meet many interesting people who had disabilities.  One of the people who inspired me was Jason Dunkerley, a visually impaired athlete who ran in the Paralympics and won medals.  He achieved his goals and followed his dreams.  I never knew that someone who was visually impaired could compete in the Olympics.  It made me think of myself and of what I could do.